- DynConvertible and DynConversionFilter were removed (check site documentation) - DynValidatable and DynValidationFilter were removed (check site documentation) - GlobalFilterFree, RedirectAfterLogin and AuthenticationFree now have one method that receives the innerAction. - new tags: mtw:form, mtw:submit Ex: <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/lib/mentawai.jar" prefix="mtw" %>

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- new conditional tag: isBrowser, so you can know which browser the request belongs to. - OutputFilter was renamed to OutjectionFilter (old one was deprecated) - chain constructor now accepts an inner action parameter - DBListData now supports JPA - mtw:list now supports collections as well as lists - new filters for Pojo Actions: ApplicationFilter, CookieFilter, CookiesFilter, HeaderFilter, InputFilter, LocaleFilter, PostOrGetFilter, SessionFilter - no need for VOFilter when action has a setter - no need for VOFilter when pojo action method has a parameter - many other things, don't forget to check: http://book.mentaframework.org/